Huawei Training

Huawei Kenya concluded a week-long online training on 5G for over 240 university students from around the country as part of broader efforts to prepare the country to take advantage of this new transformative technology.

Many countries and economic blocks around the world have already launched 5G strategies and plans that have identified how important 5G will be to their economies in both creating jobs and creating economic output.

They have found that 5G has the ability to rapidly roll-out high speed connectivity for homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. It enables step-changes in industrial productivity in sectors such as manufacturing and transport, creates opportunities for entirely new business models and services in industries such as tourism, entertainment, gaming and broadcasting and it does all this with lower carbon emissions per MB of data.

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The course has greatly assisted the students in understanding 5G technology, from the perspective of technology, standards, regulation, policy, economy, society and environment.

The trainer for the course was Huawei global specialist Ding Yajie who was able to answer many of the student’s questions as well as ask them questions to test their understanding at the end of each session. Topics that Mr Ding covered included 5G architecture, different deployment scenarios, application uses and challenges.

Pioneer International University School of I.C.T Students Testimonial

The Huawei 5G Training session was very informative. I learnt about the development and evolution of mobile communication networks, the application scenarios, protocol standards, and industry progress of 5G networks. Now that I have the facts about 5G, I must say, I am eager to use it and explore more.

Joseph Sakasaka - PIU 4th Year Student Specializing in Security and Cryptography (BSCIT)

I learned about the equipment that can be used to set up 5G networks, and the applications of 5G. I also learned that 5G enables cloud gaming (Gaming as a Service) and tracking of fleet/cars/IoT devices. I am looking forward to learning more about 5G from PIU Huawei ICT Academy

Timothy Karani - PIU 4th Year Student Specializing in Software Engineering (BSCIT)

The Huawei 5G Training was a great experience for me. The instructor, Ding Yajie gave us a lot of information about 5G and I was able to learn new concepts and application scenarios of 5G technology.

Ruth Kerubo. - PIU 4th Year Student Specializing in Software Engineering (BSCIT)