School of ICT Profile



To be a School of excellence in Information and Communication Technology training, research and innovation for innovation advancement.


To produce globally competitive innovators and professionals in Information and Communication Technology Programmes.


  1. Broad knowledge in technical

    To produce graduates who have broad knowledge in technical, social and ethical principles and implications of Information Technology on the society as a whole.

  2. Develop in the student the concepts

    To develop in the student the concepts of professional practice, innovation and enterprise.

  3. Carry out research

    Carry out research in the fields of Computing and IT and offer ICT solutions to the society

  4. Make the student aware

    To make the student aware of technological trends and the emerging opportunities.

  5. Foster linkages

    Foster linkages between School of ICT with industry and other institutions.

Career Path

Most organizations depend on the design, implementation and management of IT. As an information systems graduate, you will possess skills for a diverse range of sectors and roles. IT jobs fall within the full spectrum of computer technology and business

Job opportunities include: Systems analysts and designers, Systems developers, Network administrators, Database developers/ and administrators, managers of IT departments, Project managers, Researchers in IT field and any other disciplines, Trainers in IT field Computer Service Representative, IT Consultant, Customer Support Coordinator, Data Specialist, Data Processing Manager, Help Desk Analyst, Human Resources Info. Specialist, Information Officer, Instructional Technology Designer, IT Specialist, Systems Consultant, Technical Analyst, Technical Evaluator, Technical Researcher, Technical Writer and Future CEOs of companies.


Highlighted Achievements

November 2017


We awarded our first graduate with bachelor’s degrees and diplomas.

February, 2018


Our school partnered with microsoft for  microsoft imagine academy Kenya to provide a platform for student’s technology Research challenge.

March, 2015

We started offering professional courses as examined by MICROSOFT

5Undergraduate Courses
3Diploma Courses
3Certificates Courses
16Short courses